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Top Low Price Stocks To Watch For 2018

Source: ThinkstockUntil about 2008 or so, discussion about the future price of crude oil was directed by the concept of peak oil. That is, when does the world reach peak production, after which the price of crude will skyrocket. In less than a decade, the discussion is now focused on the concept of “peak demand,” the point at which global demand for crude begins to decline.


Top Energy Stocks To Buy For 2018

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Over the past few years, Royal Dutch Shell plc (ADR) (NYSE: RDS-A) has widely outperformed the S&P 500 Index and the energy sector. Over the past four years, shares of Shell have lost more....More>>>

Top 10 Safest Stocks To Own For 2017

On Thursday morning, before the stock market opens for business, Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC) will report its financial results for fiscal Q4, and for 2016 as a whole.

Arguably, this will be Northrop Grumman’s most important earnings report of the year — not just because it will contain the financials for the whole year, but also because it will tell us what effect Northrop’s....More>>>

list of best stocks to invest in

Bloomberg once called it the richest town in America.

But its not Miami, or even mansion-filled Palm Beach. Dozens of farmers in this town did the remarkable, turning every $40 into more than $10 million and on their way to becoming self-made millionaires.

Good luck finding this town Quincy, Florida on a map. This oasis of millionaires is in the middle of nowhere. The millionaires....More>>>

Top 10 Energy Stocks For 2017

Leidos Holdings (NYSE:LDOS) is a technology company which delivers solutions and services in the following five segments: Advanced Solutions, Civil, Defense, Health, and Intelligence and Homeland Security. For fiscal year 2015, the company produced $10 billion in revenue. Revenue breakdown by segment in descending order was Defense 30%, Civil 27%, Intelligence and Homeland Security 27%, and Health....More>>>