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Kite-Gilead: Winners And Losers Part 2


The cornerstone to Gilead’s (GILD) $11.9 Billion acquisition of Kite (KITE) is its lead product axicabtagene ciloleucel/KTE-C19 (Axi-Cel) that targets the CD19 antigen. It is currently in development to treat a range of B-cell Lymphomas and Leukemias with a pending FDA application for approval in relapsed-refractory DLBCL (Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma).


Top 5 Buys of Market-Trouncing Firm Primecap Management

PRIMECAP Management (Trades, Portfolio)’s quiet nature belies its gravity-defying returns on long and short-term bases. Its best performer, the Primecap Fund, posted a 24.48% return for the year ended April 30, beating the 17.92% return in the S&P 500. It also outperformed on five-, 10- and since-inception categories.

The firm was formed in 1983 and in one year, the founder of....More>>>