Jobs and Taxes: Trumps Master Marijuana Plan

The pot stakes just got higher. $132 billion higher, to be precise.

A just-released study from New Frontier Data shows that legalizing marijuana at the federal level would create $132 billion in federal tax revenue and 1 million jobs.

Thats not even counting state and local tax revenues.

Or the economic growth created by adding a million more jobs across the entire marijuana supply chain.

No matter what your personal politics are, its hard to argue against those kinds of move-the-needle numbers. Especially when states like Colorado are passing four years of legal recreational pot.

In short, pushing for legal pot could be a silver bullet for President Trump, whos eagerly looking for ways to quantify his administrations wins. Legalizing pot is low-hanging fruit.

Ironically, Attorney General Jeff Sessions may be speeding things along.

This time last week, Sessions had just released a new memo undoing the Obama-era policies that kept the feds from interfering with state-legal marijuana.

It shook the market for U.S. pot stocks.

It also stirred Americans who are sick of their government playing dumb on pot.

Even if you personally think recreational pot is a bridge too far, its impossible for any reasonable person to make the case that marijuana should remain a Schedule I drug alongside cocaine and PCP.

Likewise, its absurd for the federal government to push back against pharmaceutical companies that want to do research into using compounds within weed to cure disease.

Objectively, the feds are wrong about pot.

So Sessions big step backward last week could be the catalyst that gets legislators to act on decriminalizing pot.

Not only could federally legal pot open up a $132 billion tax windfall and a million jobs two things our country could certainly use it would also make U.S.-based pot companies competitive with their foreign rivals for the first time.

Trump hasnt been shy about squashing Sessions when hes felt the need to do so. Between the vastly negative public outcry surrounding the AGs policy shift, the billions in tax money and a million new jobs, its not hard to imagine it happening again.

General investor sentiment seems to believe the same. U.S. pot stocks are starting to stabilize and many are ticking upward again already.

Check out the 30-day chart for the U.S. marijuana index.

Us Pot Stocks Roar Back

Clearly, its full steam ahead for U.S. pot.

Hate him or love him, President Trump is a businessman. Businessmen don’t ignore a chance to earn that much revenue, ever.

Pot could be Donald Trumps silver bullet in 2018.

Ill continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.

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