Apple Is Looking For New Ways To Grow

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Over the past three months, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares have lost more than 55 percent as investors worried about the company’s sagging iPhone sales. The firm was a market darling in 2015, delivering huge returns to shareholders, but this year, the company’s shine has faded significantly following a lackluster fourth-quarter earnings report.

However, now that the Fruit’s shares are trading below $100, many investors are considering whether to trust CEO Tim Cook’s confidence in the company’s future and buy in.

Betting On China

Although the firm’s iPhone sales disappointed in the final quarter of 2015, Cook said he was optimistic about Apple’s prospects in China, one of the firm’s largest markets. While China is going through a period of economic uncertainty at the moment, Cook stressed that the country’s upper class, Apple’s primary target, has the savings to support continually rising spending habits even with some market volatility.

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During Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2016, Chine

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