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Hurricane Irma takes aim at Florida businesses

Even as Houston struggles to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, people and businesses in Florida are preparing for massive damage that could accompany the even more powerful Hurricane Irma.

Irma probably won’t reach Florida until the weekend, and it could still curve away. But the state is already steeling itself for the worst.

Tourists have already been ordered....More>>>

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25 Best Countries for Retirement Security: 2017

Rob Pettman has announced that LPL Financial’s robo-offering, Guided Wealth Portfolios, will launch this month.

Pettman, executive vice president of product and platform management, said during Tuesday’s general session....More>>>

Nest branches out with alarm system and face-detecting doorbell

Nest wants to keep you from being robbed, as well as help you track your kids and let your dog out to pee at 3 am.

The Alphabet (GOOG) owned company announced a trio of new products on Wednesday, all designed keep your home safe with a combination of motion sensors and constant video monitoring. They include optional face detection to tell who is outside your house, ringing your doorbell,....More>>>

Economy Looks Like Early Stages Of An Economic Boom

As I said on Friday, people continue to look for what could bust the economy from here, and are missing out on what looks like the early stages of a boom.

We constantly hear about how the fundamentals don’t support the move in stocks.  Yet, we’ve looked at plenty of fundamental reasons to believe that view (the gloom view) just doesn’t match the facts.