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FedEx: A Top Idea…Ready For Pullback?

Baird’s Benjamin Hartford and Zax Rosenberg write that FedEx (FDX) remains their “top large-cap idea” even if the stock could be headed for a fall in the near future. They explain why:

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We see slight EPS risk to F2Q17 (RWB of $2.86 versus recent $2.90 consensus). We expect solid peak season execution (FedEx previously announced....More>>>

Tilly’s Is Priced Like It’s Special, But It Isn’t

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Tilly’s (NYSE:TLYS) is hitting new highs off of its Q3 earnings report but to my eye it looks like a stock that has reached euphoric sentiment. That signals to me that the rally doesn’t have long to go and given the valuation, that certainly appears to be the case. I intend to show that the quarter Tilly’s produced for Q3 wasn’t....More>>>

Top 5 Warren Buffett Stocks For 2017

Bloomberg once called it the richest town in America.

But its not Miami, or even mansion-filled Palm Beach. Dozens of farmers in this town did the remarkable, turning every $40 into more than $10 million and on their way to becoming self-made millionaires.

Good luck finding this town Quincy, Florida on a map. This oasis of millionaires is in the middle of nowhere. The millionaires....More>>>

What The iPhone Gives, The iPhone Can Take Away

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source: 9to5Mac

Now that the future of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is increasingly dependent upon the success or failure of the iPhone, it has put itself at enormous risk if the smartphone starts to falter by failing to gain market share in new markets. In the current environment, as most know, that is China.

It is obvious that Apple has a couple of options going....More>>>

Don’t Be Short Sighted About Nike

Fears surrounding sales of its famed basketball sneakers has weighed in Nike (NKE) in 2016. Next week, the iconic sports apparel company willunveil fiscal second quarter financial results, and analysts will be looking closely for signs that Nike continued to lose share to rivalsUnder Armour(UA) andAdidas(ADDYY).

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Last week, Barrons cautioned investors....More>>>